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Every roll is a full 5" or 8" diameter, giving you the maximum number of labels per roll. Remember, when comparing costs, always look at the price per thousand labels rather than the price per roll or the price per case.

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  Zebra Technologies is the largest manufacturer of thermal bar code label and receipt printers. If you have    
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a Zebra printer, we have great deals on compatible Zebra labels for your Zebra printer. As of Jan. 2008, they had sold approximately over 6 million printers to users in over 100 different countries with revenues approaching a billion dollars! That means there is a huge need for blank labels at good prices that are easy to buy and ready to ship within 24 hours - which is probably why you are visiting UPrintLabels today.


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Zebra labels barcode Zebra manufactures printers for direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels. Zebra's thermal transfer labels offer a longer lasting label that prints with great accuracy. UPrintLabel.com has the perfect match for thermal transfer printers with our durable, smooth label material. Zebra also produces direct thermal label printers that provide a less expensive way to print barcode labels, shipping labels and paper labels for use in many standard applications. Whatever type Zebra labels needs, we can provide a great compatible product at a savings.

The Zebra brand resellers have Zebra products and printers of all kinds, they provide many things that our customers are not looking for. So cut through those high prices and check out UPrintLabels.com for labels and ribbons that work great with Zebra printers. When retail, industrial and manufacturing companies look at their supply costs, it only makes sense to consider alternative solutions that save money and add to the companies bottom line. If the annual cost of printing shipping labels and barcode labels can be substantially reduced with no loss in quality, most shipping and logistics managers will give up the Zebra labels brand name for the savings!

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Now maybe you are satisfied purchasing your supplies like blank labels and ribbons for your Zebra printer from your Zebra reseller, but if your ready to try a label that is just as good but won't cost as much - you need to visit our pricing page. All you need to know is they type of label, thermal transfer or direct thermal, the size of the label and the size of the core.

We make it easy at UprintLabels.com, first choose between direct thermal labels (no ribbon) or thermal transfer labels (ribbon required). Next, choose the core size that you need - then pick the size labels that you want and click to purchase. A few more clicks and you are through. Our cool shopping cart is truly state of the art, easy to use and very user friendly. Once your credit authorization is approved, your labels will be converted and shipped the next day. zebra thermal labels
direct transfer labels No middle men, no looking through pages of label types and trying to match model numbers, only good quality labels at great prices. We know that most business have a regular need for blank labels and they love our easy ordering, consistent quality and quick shipping.
If you are simply looking for a provider of supplies such as compatible blank zebra labels and ribbons for most all models, you don't need to use "the elite group" (that is what they are called on the Zebra website) of Zebra resellers and pay the brand name prices for your barcode labels / shipping labels supply needs. For most standard uses of thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels, our fully compatible labels will fit the bill (and reduce your bill). Most of our clients don't need to sift through 42 different choices for a barcode label specification. They just need a tough, long lasting label with a quality adhesive - and that is what we deliver.

Our compatible Zebra Labels fit most printers.

LP2824 Zebra Labels, LP2824Z Zebra Labels, TLP2824 Zebra Labels, TLP2824Z Zebra Labels, LP2844 Zebra Labels, LP2844Z Zebra Labels, TLP2844 Zebra Labels, TLP2844Z Zebra Labels, TLP3842 Zebra Labels, TLP3844Z Zebra Labels, GK420D Zebra Labels, GK420T Zebra Labels, GX420D Zebra Labels, GX420T Zebra Labels, GX430T Zebra Labels, HC100 Zebra Labels, S4M Zebra Labels, ZM400 Zebra Labels, ZM600 Zebra Labels, 105SL Zebra Labels, 110xiIIIplus Zebra Labels, 140xiIIIplus Zebra Labels, 170xiIIIplus Zebra Labels, 220xiIIIplus Zebra Labels, 170PAX4 Zebra Labels, 110PAX4 Zebra Labels, R110Xi Zebra Labels, R170Xi Zebra Labels, 110XiIIIPlus Zebra Labels, 140XiIIIPlus Zebra Labels, 170XiIIIPlus Zebra Labels, R110Xi Zebra Labels, R170Xi Zebra Labels, S4M Zebra Labels, ZM400 Zebra Labels, ZM600 Zebra Labels, 105S Zebra Labels, 105Se Zebra Labels, 110PAX3 Zebra Labels, 140Xi Zebra Labels, 140XiII Zebra Labels, 140XiIII Zebra Labels, 160S Zebra Labels, 170PAX Zebra Labels, 170PAX3 Zebra Labels, 170Xi Zebra Labels, 170XiII Zebra Labels, 170XiIII Zebra Labels, 2746 Zebra Labels, 2746e Zebra Labels, 90Xi Zebra Labels, 90XiII Zebra Labels, 90XiIII Zebra Labels, 90XiIIIPlus Zebra Labels, 96XiIII Zebra Labels, 96XiIIIPlus Zebra Labels, Ht-146 Zebra Labels, LP 2344 Zebra Labels, R-140 Zebra Labels, R110PAX3 Zebra Labels, R110XiIIIPlus Zebra Labels, R4Mplus Zebra Labels, S400 Zebra Labels, S600 Zebra Labels, TLP 2344 Zebra Labels, Z4000 Zebra Labels, Z4M Zebra Labels, Z4Mplus Zebra Labels, Z6000 Zebra Labels, Z6M Zebra Labels, Z6Mplus Zebra Labels



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