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Thermal Labels Printing Goes Wireless

From trucking to farming, retail to automotive, industry is turning to wireless thermal printing for barcode labeling needs.   The leading manufacturers of direct thermal labels printers and thermal transfer labels printers are answering the call with a wide variety of lightweight, inexpensive handheld printers and scanners.

Wireless thermal labels printing enables companies to print information and barcodes on blank labels from the top of a warehouse forklift, the back of a delivery truck or the middle of the sales floor.

The latest wireless thermal labels printer models possess a wide range of useful features including the ability to utilize a “peel mode.”  After the printer has printed on the face of a blank label, it initiates a peel, making it much easier to tear off the label’s back.  This practical feature saves companies time and money (and, no doubt, some manicures)

wireless thermal labels printerOther state-of-the-art features include the option of printing either thermal transfer labels or direct thermal labels, depending on the task at hand.  A business may choose to print on thermal transfer labels if the label will be exposed to extreme temperatures or requires a long shelf life.  Alternatively, if a printer ribbon is exhausted and direct thermal blank labels are available, one may chose the direct thermal printing mode.

Because portable thermal printers are likely to suffer more wear and tear, manufacturers incorporate drop tolerance into their design.  This means that the thermal printer can withstand repeatedly being dropped from distances of up to five feet onto concrete.  These machines are also built to function well outdoors in temperatures ranging from 32°F to 113°F. 

Portable wireless printers communicate with computers via Bluetooth and wireless Internet.  Many models weigh less than three pounds and are capable of printing on blank labels at a rate of three inches per second.  Print speeds for thermal transfer labels tend to be slower at around 1.5 inches per second.

It is essential that portable printers have long lasting batteries that are easy to recharge.  Many manufacturers have turned to lithium ion batteries to power these printers.  These models also come with DC adapters for easy in-vehicle charging. 

Wireless thermal label printing technology means better tracking, better reporting, and more efficient labeling, anytime and anywhere.  Uprintlabels.com supports wireless thermal label printing by providing blank labels compatible with today’s leading wireless thermal printers.  Uprintlabels.com offers a wide variety of label formats including direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels. 



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