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Healthcare’s Love Affair with Blank Thermal Labels

We’ve all heard the horror stories about the man who had the wrong leg amputated, the wrong kidney removed or, the family who left the hospital with the wrong infant.  Identity mistakes in healthcare are costlier in terms of dollars, reputation and human suffering than in any other industry.  With the recent push toward electronic record keeping, pharmacies, labs and hospitals have eagerly embraced barcode labels and thermal printing. 

Let’s look take a look at healthcare barcode labeling in action.

thermal labels printer used in healthcarePharmaceutical manufacturers now affix direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels with barcodes onto their products.  Verifying medication identity by scanning barcode labels at the pharmacy prevents up to 20% of medication dispensing errors.  Pharmacies have also begun to print their own barcode labels on low cost thermal printers.  These barcode labels include patient and dosing information.  Some hospital pharmacies track the internal movement of medications using thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels.  For example, a pharmacist may release a medication to a nurse administrator who will then scan her identity barcode into the system to record custody of the item before delivery to the patient.  The patient’s wristband barcode will then be scanned to record delivery and administration of the medication.

Pharmacies utilizing barcode systems reap many benefits aside from reducing dosing errors.  State-of-the-art barcode label generation and tracking systems help build robust electronic databases that provide guidance with inventory management and cost tracking.  Thermal labels are the labels of choice for pharmacies because the blank label media is available in formats that can be easily stuck to curved surfaces.

Did you know that specimen identification errors account for more than 160,000 medical errors every year?  In an effort to improve accuracy and efficiency, medical laboratories are increasingly turning to state-of-the-art thermal printing and barcoding technologies.  Labeling specimens (urine, blood, etc) with barcode labels at the collection site helps prevent misidentification.   In fact, more and more labs are turning to mobile printers that print direct thermal labels in the patient’s presence.  Studies show that the specimen label error rates spike with the time and distance the specimen travels from the patient.  Therefore, printing barcodes on blank labels at the time and place of collection is the recommended method

barcode labels used in health industryHospitals are now installing direct thermal label printers and thermal transfer label printers throughout their admissions areas.  Barcoded wristbands instantly identify a patient at each point of service, matching the patient with treatment orders.  Barcoded wristbands not only decrease medical error, they help with precision billing and save valuable time.   Instantly scanned information no longer requires manual entry for every in-hospital medical event.

Rolled blank labels, including thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels, prove perfectly suited to the many needs of healthcare labeling.  Desktop and mobile thermal printers are part of medicine’s front line defense against medical error.  At uprintlabels.com, we’re proud to support the healthcare industry with a wide variety of durable blank label media. 



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