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Some rolls may cost less per roll, but they also have a smaller quanity of labels per roll too!
Our regular label rolls are all a full 5" or 8" in diameter, so we can fit the most labels possible per roll

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UPrintLabels meet all the specification for most all Sato direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels that you will need for your Sato printers - industrial blank labels, retail blank labels or shipping labels. Sato, is based in Japan but has a worldwide distribution and a North American headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Founded in 1940, they have a rich history of early innovation in the barcode labels industry. They developed the world's first printer for barcodes and were the clear leader during the boom in barcode labels that prevailed in retailing through the 70's and moved into equipment for printing blank labels for many other industries in the decades to come. They also revolutionized the market again with the world's first electronic thermal transfer barcode printer. They were instrumental in developing all of the technologies that are in use today for barcode labels. Today, there are many other players in the barcode labels printer market, but they are still a strong contender producing printers for barcode labels.

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Intermec Labels

Our blank labels are fully compatible with most Intermec labels printer requirements and yield great results for barcode labels and shipping labels across all industries. Intermec is a large corporation with a diverse offering based in Everett, WA. They have sales approaching a billion dollars annually offering automated identification and data collection products including radio frequency id, mobile computing, barcode scanners, printers and other media products like thermal labels, barcode labels and thermal transfer ribbons. They sell worldwide and service industrial, transportation, logistics, consumer goods and retail entities engaged in warehousing, asset management, shipping and direct store delivery. They design and manufacture their own thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels equipment.

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Cognitive TPG Labels

When it comes to tracking, securing, identifying and tracing worldwide, Cognitive TPG labels have been doing the job using amazingly compact and well built printers designed for thermal labels. We offer a perfect match for their printers with our fully compatible thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels too. For most all blank labels you will need to get great results with your Cognitive TPG thermal label printers, count on UPrintLabels.com. We also have a HUGE range of sizes of blank labels that you wont find anywhere else.
For over 20 years, Cognitive has been a leader in the Automatic Identification and thermal printing industries. They are based in Lincolnshire, Illinois with other locations in Colorado, California and New York. They have sold millions of thermal transfer label printers and direct thermal label printers across a wide range of industries including retail, banking, automotive, hospitality, manufacturing and healthcare. Cognitive TPG label printers are known for their rugged, reliable performance that customers call "printers that we can stand on"! For barcode labels, shipping labels, and accurate printing of blank labels of all kinds they offer a great machine. Cognitive TPG owns a little piece of barcode label and thermal label history too - they invented the first desktop thermal barcode printer, the Barcode Blazer.

For most all standard printers we offer compatible blank labels similar to CX400 Sato Thermal Labels, CT400 Sato Thermal Labels, CT410 Sato Thermal Labels, D508 Thermal Labels, D512 Sato Thermal Labels, CL408e Sato Thermal Labels, CL408e RFID Sato Thermal Labels, CL412e Sato Thermal Labels, CL412e RFID Sato Thermal Labels, CL608e Sato Thermal Labels, CL612e Sato Thermal Labels, GT Series Sato Thermal Labels, M84Pro(2) Sato Thermal Labels, M84Pro(3) Sato Thermal Labels, M84Pro(6) Sato Thermal Labels, M-10e Sato Thermal Labels, GL408e Sato Thermal Labels, GL412e Sato Thermal Labels, LM408e Sato Thermal Labels, LM412e Sato Thermal Labels, M-5900RVe Thermal Labels

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For most multi-use printers we have compatible blank labels similar to PD4 Intermec Barcode Labels, PD41 PD4 Intermec Barcode Labels, PD42 PD4 Intermec Barcode Labels, PX4i PD4 Intermec Barcode Labels, PX6i PD4 Intermec Barcode Labels, PM4i PD4 Intermec Barcode Labels, PF2i PD4 Intermec Barcode Labels, PF4i PD4 Intermec Barcode Labels, EasyCoder 3240 Barcode Labels, EasyCoder PC41 Barcode Labels, Thermal Barcode Label Printers, EasyCoder PF8 Barcode Labels, EasyCoder PF8d Barcode Labels, EasyCoder PF8t Barcode Labels, EasyCoder PD4 Barcode Labels, EasyCoder PD41 Barcode Labels, EasyCoder PD42 Barcode Labels, EasyCoder PF2i Barcode Labels, EasyCoder PF4i Barcode Labels, EasyCoder PF4ci Barcode Labels, EasyCoder PM4i Barcode Labels, EasyCoder PX6i Barcode Labels

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We offer compatible blank labels for most printers similar to Advantage DLX Blank Labels, Advantage LX Blank Labels, Advantage RFID Blank Labels, C-Series Blank Labels, Cxi Blank Labels, Ci Blank Labels, A760 Blank Labels, A776 Blank Labels, A798 Blank Labels, A799 Blank Labels, B780 Blank Labels, EZ-LP Blank Labels

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