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Stickers for Adults: Fun with Blank Labels

Children love stickers. And it’s more than just the pictures they bare. There’s just something about peeling that flexible media off of a release liner (the non-sticky back) and affixing it to the nearest wall, window or book. If you have children, you’ve certainly sacrificed many fingernails to sticker removal.

Blank labels for shipping, inventory and labeling are like stickers for adults. While the pictures are gone, there’s still the same thrill in sticking a printed blank label to a surface: a satisfying feeling that something has been accomplished.

 In offices and warehouses across America, people are printing on blank label rolls and sticking them to parts, boxes and documents. Want to impress your co-workers with your knowledge of these workplace stickers? Impress them with these little known facts:

Have you ever wondered what materials are used in blank labels? Many labels are made of paper, while more durable materials like pvc, polyester and vinyl are also used.

How do the release liners maintain their non-sticky quality? Release liners are coated with silicone, which bonds loosely with the label adhesive.

What is the difference between outdoor and indoor blank labels? When choosing a label medium, think about how that label will be used. Labels affixed to items that will be outdoors need to be more durable and respond well in hot and cold temperatures. Outdoor labels are often made of durable vinyl.

Should I order coated or uncoated stock? What is the difference? Much like when you choose between glossy and matte at the photo kiosk, coated and uncoated is a choice you make when you select blank labels. Coated blank labels are shinier. They are often easier to clean off and more water-resistant. This may be an important consideration if the label will face tougher environmental conditions (humidity, rain, etc). Uncoated label media is duller and has more of a matte finish.

Should I use a label dispenser to affix labels? This is entirely up to you. If you are required to apply labels in high volume, a dispenser is a good idea. It will save your fingernails from having to peel hundreds of release liners off of the label. Most dispensers take the work out of separating the back of the label from the release liner and many have pressing mechanisms that help apply the label uniformly. There are even electric dispensers available that offer high-speed removal. Make sure you buy a dispenser that matches the format of your labels.

Depending on your needs, blank labels can be printed with a wide variety of data including inventory numbers, barcodes, address information and tracking numbers. Creating thoughtful information design for your labels will make working with them more enjoyable. There’s no reason you can’t use pictures (your logo) and bold colors to get your customers or employees attention. Being able to recognize or read a label across a warehouse has advantages.

The rainbows, superheroes and unicorns of our childhood sticker books may be long behind us, but there’s still a lot of sticker fun in our futures when we work with blank labels.



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