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Barcode Labels Many Uses


Ever since the first cereal box barcode label was scanned at the supermarket, barcode labels have been embraced by business and commerce worldwide.  We all know that shipping labels and other barcode labels are in wide use to track packages and scan products but what about the lesser known applications for this zebra striped innovation? 

Insect Research: Barcoding Bees

In an effort to study the pollination habits of individual honeybees, the United States Department of Agriculture created the world’s smallest bar code and attached it to the backs of worker bees.  Because of the unique features of the insects and the small size of the barcode label, the USDA was then faced with developing a more advanced barcode scanner.   This led to the creation of the microdensitometer, the world’s most sensitive barcode scanner. 

Diabetes Management:
Today, barcode labels are being used by diabetes patients to calibrate their glucose meters.

Video Gaming:
The “Barcode Battler” released in 1991 is an actual video game that uses barcodes labels to create characters and wage battles.

Infant Protection:
A barcode label is now the first “accessory” that most infants ever wear in their lives.  In the maternity ward, barcode labels with identification information are printed on blank labels and attached to the mother’s wrist and the infant’s ankle.  The infant is not permitted to leave the maternity ward without verifying the identity of the mother.

Travel & Leisure:
90% of US airlines use direct thermal barcode label technology to print barcode labels on traditional and e-tickets, boarding passes and luggage tags.  Just imagine, without streamlined barcode labels and technology, even MORE bags would turn up missing!



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