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It’s a sound we should all know and love: the electronic notes associated with that final scan of a box being dropped off at our doorstep.  Maybe it’s the latest bestseller from Amazon or a new iPhone. Whatever it is, barcode labels play a big part in shipping and tracking the flow of packages around the globe.

Let’s break it down.

An mp3 player manufacturer in China accepts daily deliveries from component manufacturers in over a dozen countries.  The parts required to put together the player come in large quantity boxes, mostly marked with direct thermal barcode labels, bar-coded to reveal quantity, production date and additional information. 

The manufacturer prints direct thermal barcode labels on blank label stock to track the storage and use of component materials throughout the manufacturing process.

As the mp3 player is assembled in the factory, workers scan personal barcodes so efficiency experts can better track the labor required for each step of the assembly.  This helps to better manage labor schedules and target specific areas of the production process to improve efficiency.

Once the mp3 player has been assembled, it is packaged.  The packaging also has a barcode label that can be scanned by retail checkout technology. The package is then placed in a box with other mp3 players.  The larger boxes containing multiple mp3 players all have barcode labels that are scanned before being placed in a shipping pallet, also bar-coded. Pallets are assigned shipping orders, packed into a container, and moved to the port.

Blank labels are printed and attached to the shipping box which is scanned by the shipper upon release to the port.  At the port, thermal transfer barcode labels and direct thermal barcode labels are used to label the shipping container with delivery information.  The delivery information is put into a planning program to determine placement of the container on the ship.

Once the item is loaded onto the ship, its barcode labels are scanned again.  At any given time, a shipping company must be able to pinpoint the location of thousands of shipping containers. 

 Upon arrival to its destination, the shipping company scans the container and releases it to another forwarding agent, who has (you guessed it) his own set of barcode labels printed from blank label stock.  The majority of short-term shipping labels are printed on direct thermal labels.

The container is trucked to a warehouse where its contents are then unloaded.  Pallets may be shipped to different warehouses around the country and/or retailers.  Let’s assume that several pallets are shipped to a major electronic retailer’s warehouse.

After you purchase your mp3 player online, a unit is packed into a shipping package.  A barcode label is printed from a blank label and affixed to the package.  As the package makes its way from the warehouse, to the courier service, to a local dispatch center and finally out on a delivery truck, these shipping labels make it possible for you to track your item’s journey.  Some savvy e-tailers will send you email updates that are automatically generated every time a barcode label on a shipping label is scanned.

Finally, the item arrives at your door, ready for its final scan.  The beep of the scanner over the package’s barcode label is the last sound separating you from your brand new mp3 player. 

Indeed, shipping labels and barcode labels  (in all of their variety, including thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels) help make production and distribution cheaper and more efficient.

At Uprintlabels.com, that is music to our ears.



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