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A Step-by-Step Guide to Printing Your Own
Quality Barcode Labels

Ever since the first pack of Wrigley’s gum was scanned at a supermarket in 1974, barcode labels have saved businesses incalculable time and money.  Implementing a reliable barcode labeling system to track your inventory, shipping or labor is a sound business move.

A reliable printer is the first purchase you will need to make in order to start printing quality barcode labels.  Please note that regular inkjet and laser printers are not reliable equipment for barcode label printing.  Typically, these consumer and business printers do not support barcode printing without upgrades, nor do they support convenient blank label roll media.

Leading manufacturers in the barcode label printing marketplace include Zebra, Datamax, SATO and Intermec.  Let’s look at a range of printers.

blank labels zebra barcode printerZebra offers a number of direct thermal desktop printers for less than five hundred dollars.  These printers generally accommodate a 5-inch media role (blank labels) and have several connectivity options including USB, serial and parallel ports.  These printers are ideal for small retail operations, health care, inventory management and small office mailing operations.

To create longer-lasting barcode labels, Zebra manufactures a line of direct thermal barcode label printers that start near $1500.  With print speeds surpassing 10 inches/second, these printers are a good investment for high volume barcode label printing needs.  Zebra’s industrial-quality printers can handle blank label rolls with larger diameters, as well. 

To access the reliability of thermal transfer printing at a lower price point, many business look at SATO’s CX400 series.  Accommodating a 5-inch blank label roll with multiple connectivity options, this series, however, is designed for low volume barcode printing. 

If mobility is important, you’ll want to review the range of products now available in the portable mobile barcode label printing category.  Intermec offers a portable barcode label printer for approximately $1200.00.  This technology works with Bluetooth wireless.  Weighing in at just under four pounds with battery and blank label roll installed, this printer offers the portable convenience that many businesses now need to print barcode labels ‘on the go.’ 

Once you’ve purchased a printer, it’s time to design your barcode labels.  Your printer will include software to help you with this step. 

Now let’s look at paper: blank label paper, that is.  Your printing medium is just as important as your printer.  If you purchased a direct thermal printer, you need to purchase direct thermal labels. If you purchased a thermal transfer printer, then (you guessed it) you’ll need thermal transfer labels.  Additionally, check the specs on your printer before ordering blank labels, because each model can accommodate a maximum roll diameter.  Use Uprintlabels.com’s Easy Label Selector to make the right blank label purchase as quickly and accurately as possible. 

Now, it’s time to print your first barcode labels.  Load in your blank label roll according to the manufacturer’s directions.  Make sure that your computer and your printer are “talking to each other,” whether connected wirelessly, through a USB port or other port.  Push print and listen to the quiet rumble of the barcode printer as your very own labels roll off the presses.



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