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The Case for Automated Data Collection in the Produce Aisle

thermal labels used in barcode labels at supermarketIt is estimated that the majority of fresh produce in the United States is eaten by people over the age of fifty-five.  This should come as no surprise to regular buyers of turnips and kale.  Teenage checkers typically pick up these unknown items and, with confused facial expressions, they ask: “What is this?”  After the buyer identifies the item, the checker pages through a produce book, finds the corresponding barcode labels and scans it.  In some supermarkets, the checker still enters the product’s barcode number by hand. 

From a customer misidentifying an item to a checker scanning the wrong barcode, this process for identifying and registering produce prices is rife with error potential.  Supermarkets are generally leaders in direct thermal labeling systems and barcode labels, but when it comes to produce, automated data collection (ADC) should be a top priority.

ADC is fully automated data collection via scan, voice recognition or radio frequency.  To integrate ADC in the produce section of the supermarket, handheld direct thermal label printers should be made available to stocking.  Convenient handheld direct thermal label printers are already in wide use in other departments of the supermarket (the meat and poultry department, for example) and can be easily integrated into the produce department.  The stocking associate prints a direct thermal label onto a blank label and affixes it to the produce.  

Uprintlabels.com provides a wide variety of blank label sizes and formats.  Blank label sizes vary, and can be purchased in shapes and sizes that easily affix to produce boxes.

By labeling fruits and vegetables with barcode labels printed on demand in the produce section, grocery stores will be able to eliminate an inefficient exchange between checker and customer as well as the multiple points of entry for human error. 

zebra thermal barcode label printerADC systems aim to eliminate keyboard strokes and the errors that accompany them.  Supermarkets make the most use of on-demand direct thermal label printing in their deli departments.  Deli associates keep thermal printers stocked with blank label rolls.  When a customer purchases a deli salad, quantity of meat or cheese, the associate typically does not need to key in the product’s code or weight.  This is all done through automated data collection.  The product’s barcode is scanned, the weight is recorded and an accurate label is instantly printed, affixed to the item and the customer moves along to the next department.

Once supermarkets fully integrate barcode labeling into the produce section, vegetable enthusiasts will be able to breeze through the supermarket check-out process like everyone else.



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